Traveleads is the most popular choice of sports travel partner in the UK.
We work alongside:
- More than 50 UK national governing bodies of sport
- Dozens of professional sports teams
- Hundreds of professional sportsmen and sportswomen
- Several major sporting NGOs
We have over 30 years’ experience of working at the highest levels in professional and representative sport and have toured the world with our sporting clients.
We have an intimate knowledge of the complexities of competition preparation and the detailed planning that goes into ensuring that the required travel arrangements are fit for purpose and run like clockwork.
Traveleads – we understand sports travel like no-one else - and we are as committed to success as you!

Our team

A dedicated team of sports travel specialists work closely with their sports clients to co-ordinate event and competition calendars – often working 12-24 months ahead of time in order to ensure the optimum travel plans are in place.  You will be allocated specific team members to work with throughout the course of your projects, and many of our clients “partner” with a member of our team to work through their entire calendar – ensuring that communication is excellent and there is a continual mutual focus on the key issues and deadlines.   The people making up our sports travel team are skilled and persistent negotiators, and they work diligently to ensure that vendor costs are contained and that contracts are correctly managed.

Our technology

Developed specifically for the management of sports group projects the Traveleads Sports Portal is provided free to all of our client group co-ordinators and will make a massive difference to your understanding and management of all of your team travel projects.  Everything is in one place and you can maintain total clarity of vision of what needs doing and when – ask us for a demonstration and we will be delighted to show you the power of this great system.

Our sports deals

Because of our long track record and buying power, we have deals with many international airlines which you would not be able to access via any airline website, and which are not generally available to non-specialists.
We will negotiate highly discounted airfares and ensure that competition kit and equipment can be safely carried without breaking the bank.   We will ensure that name changes can be managed without paying excessive charges, and that flexible returns can be put in place for knock-out tournaments or to cope with injury and team member replacements.

Our partnerships

Traveleads is the approved travel partner of the Sport & Recreation Alliance and Scottish Sports Association 

Travel for sports spectators, families and friends

In many cases, our clients ask us to put together packages either for their supporter membership base or for families and friends of competitors and team members, and we are always happy to work out great value options to fit the needs of anyone wishing to travel overseas to follow their favourite sport. 
For competition travel, pre-season camps, tournaments and international tours – make Traveleads the permanent extra member of your team – we won’t let you down!

Contact us

If you’re interested in working with Traveleads, please drop us a line or call
Eric Edwards Office: 0113 242 2202    Mobile: 07720 967999

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