As of today, the Chinese Visa Application Service Centre in London will capture some applicants’ fingerprints on behalf of the Chinese Embassy, in accordance with Chinese laws and regulations. Applicants, aged between 14 and 70 inclusive applying for the following visa types are required to submit the application in person at the Visa Application Centre:

  • Chinese resident visa
  • Work visa
  • Long-term study for over 180 days
  • Visiting family members or family reunion for more than 180 days
  • Resident journalist visa
  • 5-10 years multiple-entry visa

The Visa Team will precheck all documents before submission and a representative will attend this appointment with the applicant and make full payment on their behalf. Fees will not be refunded should the visa application be declined, refused or in any way changed by the Chinese Embassy or Consulates. Further information on capturing all applicants’ fingerprints will be announced at a later date.