Traveleads is certified to ISO91001 (Quality Management Systems) and we are committed to maintaining high standards of operation and to always seek improvements and efficiencies. We welcome feedback, suggestions and ideas from our clients in this respect and will always respond to any communication. Please email any comments or suggestions to jtelford@traveleads.net

Traveleads employees all work to our “Achieving Excellence” operational guidelines, which are designed to ensure that we keep a clear focus on quality of service and delivery of value to our clients, at the same time as working fairly with all of our suppliers and trade partners.

All telephone calls are recorded for training and quality purposes.

Traveleads is committed to following environmentally sound practices – both in the running of our business and the office environment.

We utilise technology to the greatest extent to cut down on usage of materials and physical deliveries, and encourage all of our clients to opt for electronic communications, document transfers and payments.

A full copy of our environmental policy is available on demand, and we are happy to talk about environmental issues with clients at any time.

We have excellent new technology available – and developing all the time – to assist clients in the measuring and control of their carbon footprint, and we recognise the imperative upon all organisations, private and public, to do as much as possible to reduce their impact on global climate and resources, which we fully support.

Traveleads is registered with The Living Wage Foundation as a “Living Wage Employer” – meaning that we voluntarily undertake to at least meet (and generally exceed) the minimum wage recommendations of the Living Wage Foundation. We earnestly believe that being a fair employer and demonstrating that all team members are recognised and rewarded appropriately leads to a far happier and settled team. A happy teams always puts in an improved performance – leading to far higher service levels for our customers and the delivery of much better value solutions, as our people genuinely like what they do and take a pride in doing a great job for their clients.

Our average length of staff member retention is around 12 years – which is 3-4 times the industry average! This means that our people build far stronger relationships with their clients and consequently are far more motivated to support them with the optimum responses to each and every travel request.

Traveleads team members also actively support local and national charities, and beneficiaries from staff fund-raising activities in the past 12 months have included:

– Children in Need

– Red Nose Day

– Children 1st

– Barnardos

– Marie Curie

– Macmillan

– Breast Cancer Haven

– Yorkshire Air Ambulance

We pride ourselves on being a company that cares!


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