Disability Travel

We have a great deal of experience in providing travel planning for passengers with a disability, especially in our sports work where we regularly arrange travel for wheelchair teams in various sports, as well as with sight-impaired and hearing-impaired groups.

We take advice and suggestions directly from the travellers themselves as to what they want and need in airports, on board aircraft, during transfers and in hotels, and translate this into positive action to deliver a much better experience for the traveller.

As an example, we’re aware that wheelchair users always want to use their own chair right up to the point of boarding, where airline regulations permit, and to have access to their own chair during any aircraft transits, so we will always ensure that we request this facility from the airline when we are making your bookings, and to liaise with the airport handling team responsible for check-in and passenger boarding to remind them of the details and do everything we can to ensure that things run like clockwork on the day.

To discuss your own travel needs, either as an individual or a group, please contact our corporate or sports travel teams and we will be delighted to help.

Our aim is to make your journey as efficient and stress-free as possible

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