Duty of care

The safety of your people is our priority.

Knowing where your people are in a crisis is vital, as is the ability to reach out to them and establish communications.

Traveleads’ offices are open seven days a week, and our out of hours team is contactable 24-7-365 in order to provide assistance if plans change or are disrupted by weather, strikes etc. Should you need to quickly find out who is where we can provide your organisation with a dashboard view showing where all of your travellers are. Logon to your own portal and search by country, city, airline, traveller and a variety of other filters to find out where everyone is. You can then establish communication and send push notifications, SMS and emails to either groups of people or indviduals.

Should an emergency situation arise anywhere in the world our technology enables you to see future bookings – in case you need to alter these, or prevent someone from travelling to a region, so your ability to prevent further issues is greatly enhanced.

Through our partnership with iJet we can connect to you a powerful pre-trip briefing service which will capture all of your planned bookings and deliver a risk assessment report on each destination, and maintain watch on the planed destinations during the trip, updating you if there is any change in risk assessment or security status.    For organisations with travel to more outlying parts of the world where there may be less infrastructure to support travellers, this ability to assess risk in advance enables you to take effective measure to protect your people, and take informed decisions on whether you wish to authorise travel to certain regions.  Please contact us for more details of this service

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