A trusted travel management company is priceless for global energy organisations

by Traveleads | December 17, 2019 | In The Air Latest News

Before the oil slump took hold in 2014, money was no object to the energy sector.  Back when the average oil price was around $110 a barrel, there was an assured perception within the business travel world that this was an industry that would always be a solid prospect.  The industry was booming and increasingly required more and more people to travel to key energy hubs around the globe.   

Today, we are operating in a very different landscape.  A landscape of efficiencies and stripping back ‘luxury’ spending.  We have seen overheads being reduced and services being dropped.  However, it’s clear that no matter what efficiencies are being made and despite financial pressures, global energy organisations will always have employees on the move.  And the one thing that can’t be cut is the safety of mobile workforces.   

With a diverse array of energy workers travelling to and from challenging environments, their schedules need to be effectively managed.  From white-collar business travellers to offshore engineers, technicians and divers to catering teams, maintenance crews and asset managers.  All need to be managed with precision as they travel to key destinations before they are transported to and from assets on and offshore. 

Having a trusted travel management company (TMC) is priceless for global energy organisations.  But often this isn’t realised until something has gone wrong.  Think about it.  What does it cost your organisation each time your travel itinerary and crew logistics go pear shaped?   Scopes of work are delayed.  Downtime is increased.  Productivity is decreased.  Costs will rise along with frustrations and errors 

We’ve listed the top six reasons why a trusted TMC is worth its weight in gold:  

  1. TMC’s have an eye for detail when it comes to health and safety and can track employees, provide support anywhere in the world. Especially important when employees travel to more hostile areas
  2. TMC’s have close relationships with global travel operators and have access to the most competitive marine fares
  3. Local expertise and knowledge can be provided by TMC’s who will ensure your trip is cost effective covering everything from; taxis, hotels, restaurants, local hot spots etc.
  4. Partnering with a TMC will streamline your logistics, avoiding duplication of costs and effort as all process and procedures are fully integrated into your systems to meet your specific requirements
  5. Oil & Gas doesn’t work 9-5 and TMC’s don’t either.  They provide 24/7 support to give you peace of mind no matter what time zone your people are operating in
  6. Conditions change in the energy sector very quickly.  TMC’s are agile and bring an ease when it comes to flexibility ensuring travellers are safe, costs don’t rise unnecessarily and impact on productivity is avoided.    

As the energy sector is getting back on its feet, there is still a huge requirement to reduce costs when it comes to travel.  But many energy companies are recognising that through partnering with a TMC, those reductions in travel spend will be real as travel experts support and manage your requirements in ‘military style’.   

Want to know more about how a TMC can help you, your people and save you costs? Get in contact today… 


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