Digital transformation in the energy industry

by Traveleads | February 20, 2020 | Latest News On The Ground

Digital transformation is a driver of change that we see every day in the world around us, and the energy industry is no exception. 

Technology today gives access to data that’s never been seen before, but the energy sector has been unlocking the value in data for longer than many perhaps think.  A large appetite for investment in digital technology has been seen from companies large and small as they now look to digital solutions to enhance intelligence, reduce costsdeliver efficiencies, increase productivity and create competitive edge.   

This wave of new technology is re-shaping the industry as we know it.  Rapid technology advances have seen the creation of sophisticated digital “twins”  for physical platforms, increased mobility and surveillance as well as enhanced the opportunity to support real-time, data driven decision-making and execution.  

But what does that have to do with travel management 

Historically, the corporate travel sector has been slower to change and adopt technology advancements. The leisure travel industry on the other hand has had to move fast to implement online booking tools and mobile payments because traditional travel agencies are not how a younger generation look to book holidays.   

As the energy sector becomes “smarter” in its use of technology, operators and service companies are becoming more and more proactive to change.  In addition, millennial’s make up a growing percentage of the workforcethey embrace technology and want the same from their employers.   

To keep up with this change, in more recent years, many travel management companies (TMCs) have become agile and adaptive to suit these evolving needs.  That means utilising game-changing technology like location awareness, traveller personalisation, preemptive solutions for travel disruptions and other services that anticipate and react to travellers in real time.  

Technology has grasped the business travel industry by the hand causing TMCs to adapt and advance or be left behind. This sort of rapid response to technological advancement, means TMCs  can offer energy companies the best of the best when it comes to looking after their travelEnergy organisations are now able to use the power of data analytic tools so they can explore travel data and discover insights to save them costs and more importantly ensure travellers are in safe hands.  

Duty of care and travel risk management technologies  

The health, safety and wellbeing of employees is crucial for any organisation and technologies are now advancing providing digital travel risk management solutions that streamline the processes.   

Real-time alerts can now be received on multiple devices to promptly communicate emerging travel risks.  Software is also available to track and manage travellers with the means to continually update and chat to them on further changes.   

Also, historical data is powerful.  It can now be used to track trends on factors such as the weather or airport times and help evaluate potential future risks or threats.     

Can Traveleads assist 

Yes. Of course, we canIn fact, we have taken it a stage further.  We combine the latest innovations from the travel industry with software created by our in-house team of developers.  

Firstly, our self-book tool, designed to be unique to each customer, is fully mobile and available 24/7. We use powerful search engines with the latest travel technology to ensure each transaction is personalised to your people and your organisationMeaning, each time a traveller makes a booking, all their preferences, requests and additional information is automatically included – making the booking seamless and stress free. 

Our online booking platform – MyTraveleads – is a sophisticated booking portal which combines multi-functional booking, meaning you can book your entire trip (air, hotel, rail and car) from one easy hub. By choosing a single online booking channel, you get greater visibility of your overall travel spend, better cost control and greater reporting and analysis – saving you time and money and making your life easier. 

How does that sound Well, there’s more. Our app.  

The mobile app market is overflowing with choice; an app about the weather, an app about exchange rates, an app about travel advice. The list goes on and on.  

However, we’ve taken away the burden of checking multiple communication channels and created a one-stop-shop app – TravAssist.  Our app gives you up to date information and allows you to pre-plan and anticipate what’s in store at your destination.  

What’s even better? It’s free! 

Want to know more about how our technology can help your energy company? 

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