Exploding the 3 most common myths surrounding self-book travel solutions

by Traveleads | January 23, 2019 | Latest News

Travel technology has come on in leaps and bounds over the last five years, enabling travel companies to develop various reliable self-booking options for their clients.  Traveleads has always charted ahead of the curve, maintaining a commitment to delivering state of the art travel solutions.  Our self-booking tool has been designed to be user friendly, and simple to use.  Developed by tech-people for travel-people, because we want you to love it as much as we do …after all, our technology is your technology!  Today we are addressing three common misconceptions regarding self-booking corporate travel.

If we choose to self-book we will be on our own.

This will not be the case if you appoint a reputable TMC to provide you with the technology you need.  We offer all of our clients the same access to information and help no matter how they choose to partner with us.  We have won awards for our service and this is evident at every contact point in our business.  We install the technology you need, then provide you and your people with interactive training on how to use it.  We provide a fully comprehensive implementation process, ensuring everything is fully trialled and tested by our Technical Systems Manager before we put you in the driving seat.  Everyone needs a little refresher training from time to time, which is why we also provide this as and when required.  Support is readily available should you need it, and all of our clients have access to our 24hr emergency assistance team.  At no point are you ever on your own!

If we are going to book our own travel then we don’t need a Travel Management Company.

Using an online booking tool isn’t the same as booking via the internet.  Partnering with a good TMC will provide you with access to special industry rates and net fares.  We designed our self-book system so that it automatically finds the most cost effective options, providing you with truly impartial travel solutions.  It tracks all of your spend, allowing you to capture this data quickly and accurately.  It also charges all transactions to your account, so no credit cards are required.  With all of your travel pre-paid and fully bonded, confirmations, electronic tickets and vouchers can be sent directly to your travellers mobile devices, via the Traveleads app – which is free to download.  We offer you the freedom to check availability, save items to your basket, obtain authorisation, then book all of your travel elements including: flights, rail, accommodation, transfers, car-parking, and much more, in one straightforward single transaction.  Our systems only allow authorised users to make bookings, ensuring that all reservations are compliant with your company travel policy.  Try finding an online price comparison website that can offer all that!

It’s quicker and easier to just pick up the phone.

Sometimes it is – absolutely!  …which is why we employ the best team of travel experts in the business to take calls across the UK.  Self-booking isn’t suitable for everyone, we’re not going to try and convince you otherwise. International multi-stop routings can present all kinds of challenges, such as varying visa requirements, complicated ticketing restrictions, differing rules regarding changes and cancellations. For these trips we would advise against using self-booking systems. Our travel experts are on hand to help you navigate through such intricate itineraries. For many organisations a fully consultant-led service is essential, for others reliable self-booking technology allows them to procure their travel in the quickest, most cost effective way possible.  The great thing about our self-booking technology is that it doesn’t have to be either / or – you can have both!

If you are considering self-book travel solutions we would be delighted to explain in more detail how combining the best technology with an award winning travel management company will benefit your business.

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