Five Travel Booking Hacks To Avoid Those Unexpected Frights

by Traveleads | October 31, 2019 | In The Air Latest News On The Ground

Don’t get spooked this Halloween – discover our expert insider travel tricks that will banish booking nightmares.

  1. Connection times carved

Many of us enjoy dabbling in the world that is duty free shopping when waiting for our connecting flight… but not for nine hours.  Often travellers on the hunt for long-haul flights will automatically select the lowest fare or what they feel is the lowest fare.

Here’s the catch. In the majority of cases, bargain long-haul fares means a LONG connection time – even the most avid shoppers may be fed up after 12 hours in the terminal! Our consultants are experts at the best routes worldwide, so a simple call to book your flight now can often save you some painful hours down the line.

  1. Avoid wicked baggage fees

Escape the nightmare of unexpected baggage charges at the check-in desk. Airlines now very rarely include a checked bag in their lowest available fare options so many people will book, only realising no checked bag is included when they arrive at the airport.

Different airlines have different policies and charges relating to baggage whether it is excess or over-sized baggage, which commonly causes a headache for travellers. We can recommend airlines that offer the most generous allowances or meet your needs best before you fly. The result? Less stress and less expense.

  1. The grave mistake with ESTA’s

An ESTA allows approved applicants to travel to the USA for up to 90 days for tourism or some types of business visits.

But what many travellers forget is that even if you’re only transiting via the USA to get to another country, you will still require an ESTA.  Many passengers fall into this trap and are denied boarding at the last minute, ruining trips for important business meetings or once-in-a-lifetime holidays.

  1. Don’t test your luck with expiring passports

There are more than 50 countries that require six months validity on your passport on your travel date. Each country makes its own rules, which are also subject to change, so make sure you know what’s required in advance and keep up to speed.

In a nutshell, if you don’t have enough validity on your passport, you’ll only make it as far as the airport…

  1. Double trouble

We’ve all heard of a blunder or two when travellers have been in the rush to book. But some unlucky travellers get it wrong worse than most when they land themselves in a country thousands of miles from their intended destination. San Jose, California instead of San Jose, Costa Rica anyone?

Here’s a true story: one British couple realised they had booked their dream holiday to Las Vegas from Glasgow in Montana instead of their hometown of Glasgow in Scotland! And they’re not the only ones who’ve fallen foul over the years.

So which other tricky airports might catch you out?

  • Sydney, Australia vs. Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Paris, France vs. Paris, Texas
  • St Petersburg, Russia vs. St Petersburg, Florida
  • Memphis, Egypt vs. Memphis, Tennessee
  • Moscow, Russia vs. Moscow, Kansas
  • Athens, Greece vs. Athens, Ohio

While these booking errors are rare, it’s always worth double checking the destination and airport code on your ticket. Of course if you book with our trusted travel team, you’ll have peace of mind that this is all taken care of.

We love to talk travel and keep our customers’ lives as smooth as possible. Give us a call to find out how else we can make your business travel easier.

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