Going above and beyond, in crisis and in health

by Traveleads | May 14, 2020 | Latest News Uncategorized

At Traveleads, we build partnerships. Being a customer means more, as we vow to do whatever it takes to build a relationship that will last long into the future.

Sure, this means looking after your best interests, saving you time and money, adding value through expert consultancy and ultimately making your life easier. But what about when times get hard like these recent weeks? Well, we’re just getting started.

Supporting essential workers

Our customers span a variety of industries – from energy to medical services, manufacturing to sports teams. Many still need to travel domestically and internationally and our teams are ready as ever to make this happen. Our Operations Manager – Leeds, Emma Louise Forrestall, tells us, “With closed borders and quarantine restrictions, this has certainly been interesting at times. We even had to get one traveller from British Virgin Islands to Zimbabwe via St Maarten, Curacao, Amsterdam, Istanbul and Nairobi! Despite the odds, we always put in the effort and make it work.”

Taking care of cancellations

But it’s no surprise that cancellations have been rife and yet we’re busier than ever supporting those customers too. From lobbying airlines to adjust their policies and release refunds, to negotiating with hotels to avoid cancellation fees or preserve credits – we go further to secure customers even more than they may be officially due. Saving our customers hassle is central to what we do here so it’s worth the time and energy this takes. It’s just one of the benefits of working with us.

And that’s not all. Eric Edwards, Sports & Groups Director, says, “By working with us, our customers gain access to a wide range of heavily negotiated, wholesale fares and deals. This often means we can offer our customers an immediate refund, which would otherwise not be the case if they’d booked direct. Many of our customers have significantly benefited from this over the last few weeks, avoiding the headache altogether. Where necessary, we’ve also supported customers with evidence for their insurance claims – it’s all part of the service.”

What the future looks like

Listening to our clients, we know many are looking to resume travel as soon as is safe to do so and we stand ready to support them with this and the increasingly complex requirements that will no doubt continue. We continue to consult heavily with them, offering advice and knowledge even on speculative plans to support their decision-making in a very challenging landscape.

And as we look to the future, we recognise that welfare of travellers will be more paramount than ever and we’re already liaising with suppliers to ensure they’re putting in robust measures to uphold the highest possible standards. Our customers can also receive exclusive, expert consultancy on revising their travel policy from their dedicated account manager, adapting to the new environment of the coming months.

We believe in delivering more than just travel management. We make our customers lives easier and this is especially invaluable at a time like this. So, whether traveling or not right now, we’re here.

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