How does coronavirus affect my travel?

by Traveleads | March 11, 2020 | Latest News

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to grow and new information relating to travel is released daily, we’ve looked at where you can stay on top of relevant updates, if coronavirus is likely to affect your travel and how you can look after your colleagues.

Why is coronavirus spreading?

COVID-19, is a new illness caused by coronavirus; as this is the first time this strain has been seen in humans, our bodies are not immune to it and that’s why you’ll have seen an uplift in advice relating to hand washing, amongst other tips, to help towards minimising catching or spreading the illness.

For guidance relating to avoiding COVID-19 or what to do if you feel unwell, take a look at the NHS website for official advice.

Where can I find the latest advice relating to coronavirus and travel?

There are many travel restrictions in place and this FCO page is being kept fully updated with official travel advice.

Should my team stop booking trips?

With the above in mind, the official advice isn’t currently suggesting that all international, or domestic, travel should be ceased. Each company’s policy and duty of care will differ slightly though so it’s important to consider your employees’ safety and wellbeing as well as company requirements.

While some airlines are cancelling flights to heavily affected countries, such as Italy, some, such as Virgin Atlantic and British Airways are also offering free changes to flights over the coming weeks to offer peace of mind around bookings made.

How can my travel management company help?

Your travel management company will be able to support in understanding, at a glance, where your team is due to travel and if they’re likely to be affected as news develops.

COVID-19 related updates from airlines and official bodies such as ABTA will also be frequently shared, meaning your travel management company will have an overview of where the official advice can be found, what airlines are planning and how your team is affected in terms of current location or where they’re due to travel.

If you are concerned about how COVID-19 will affect your company’s travel and would like to speak to our management team about creating a policy or you’d like information on how a travel management company could offer further support, you can speak to our team here.

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