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by Traveleads | July 4, 2019 | Latest News

Travelling in any context is one of the best ways to experience new things and explore new skills. This is why business travel is essential to many businesses as part of their core strategy, not only to attract new clients and close deals in the foreign market, but also to enrich their employee’s knowledge and unlock their potential skill sets. When properly exercised, corporate travel has been found to enhance the productivity and creativity of an employee as well as boosting their motivation to work.

If business travel is not currently on the books, you could be missing out on a big opportunity to grow your business; not to mention also boosting the overall productivity and efficiency of your workforce. Here are a few ways business travel makes your employees more productive and committed to their job.

1.Corporate travel encourages collaboration and strengthens relationships

Being able to hit the road shouldn’t just be for the few, it’s seen by many organisations as a great way to reward employees while strengthening relationships and building bonds, likewise to team building. When travelling with your team or with your manager, it provides time to interact and socialise with each other as you travel en route to your destination. The result being the breaking down of communication barriers that might exist in the office – thus improving the employees’ camaraderie without them even realising it.

The same applies to the company-client relationships as well. When you travel to your top prospective clients’ country, you have the opportunity to build trust by getting to know one another better, and come up with new ideas to enhance their experience and perception of your company.



2. Corporate Travel helps boost productivity 

When arranging corporate travel, it’s important to provide travellers with space and time to be productive on the road. This can be in the form of arranging a meeting space or simply a table seat on their rail journey. If your travellers need privacy to work due to data security or other confidentiality issues we can make private travel arrangements for them, this can be in the form of a chartered plane, a private car, or a dedicated carriage on the train – depending on the size of your group and the nature of their travel.  By providing a space equipped with all the features necessary to carry out their duties, a change of scenery and time out of the office has been proven to actually increase employee productivity.





3. Investing in your people has been proven to improve morale and wellness.

Corporate travel is not just about what your employees can achieve while on they are on the road; but how your employees will feel and think when given the opportunity to rest and relax in a place where they can learn something new. An invigorated, energised employee will be able to deliver significantly better results than someone suffering from stress and exhaustion – that’s just common sense! Giving your staff time out of the office to meet and create better working relationships with your external stakeholders is always going to be good for business. Don’t forget its not just in the workplace that staff experience heightened levels of stress. Most employees do not discuss negative aspects of their personal life at work, but this doesn’t mean they don’t experience problems at home.

Business travel can help to reduce the amount of stress your employees might be under both in the workplace and in their personal lives, by transporting them to a neutral place, they wouldn’t ordinarily associate with work or home . So not only will business travel helps them refocus and recharge, it will also boost their morale and loyalty to your company!



4. Choose a Trusted Travel Management Company

If you want to take advantage of corporate travel and improve your employees productivity, you need a travel management company you can trust.  Traveleads is an award-winning travel management company, established for almost 50 years. Our business model has been designed to save you time and money.  We are here to protect your people, and your profits!  Our independent status means we are able to provide a truly authentic travel service, focusing at all times on the best interests of our customers.  We are here to make sure you get the travel you need, without compromising on quality or value.

Providing a choice of online booking technology or a fully consultant-led service, Traveleads makes booking, managing and recording all your travel an absolute breeze! Whether it’s a full travel itinerary or just a meeting space you need, a visa or a hire a car, we are experts in them all.

For all email enquiries, or more information about traveller well-being and duty of care, please contact us at:

or call us on 0113 245 7745

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