Revolutionary technology trends to come in 2020

by Traveleads | March 2, 2020 | Latest News On The Ground

From boosting our productivity to staying connected, technology is an essential part of our daily lives; even more so for business travellers on the road.

We’ve put together a handy roundup to keep you up to date with the latest technology trends that aim to make your life that little bit easier while travelling – plus some new developments to look out for.

1. Smart hotels

So, what is a smart hotel? Simply put, a smart hotel replaces the need to manually do things such as powering on the plugs, turning on the TV or even closing the curtains – all with the press of a button on your smartphone.

Essentially, it works by fitting ordinary devices such as lamps with internet connectivity, so they can be interlinked and controlled by a single hub making your stay more fun and convenient.

With benefits to both the hotel owner and guests, we can see why tech driven hotels are on the rise.

What does that mean for you?

  • Personalised experience

Guests are given complete control over all the features in the room, meaning as well as switching things on with just a tap on a device or voice command, they can even select a preferred temperature and the room will maintain itself. There’s even access to personal Spotify and Netflix accounts so shows can be picked up right where they’re left off.

  • Improved sustainability

Smart rooms can be set to reduce the power of light bulbs during daylight hours, meaning only the required amount of energy is used when needed. Plus, guests can select options to automatically switch off the temperature settings when a room is unoccupied.

2. Airport technology

From taking a sneak peek at the upcoming transformations for this year, we can see that airports are taking ambitious infrastructure steps to improve our overall user journey.

Airlines are also following suit, developing new ways to simplify and streamline the way you travel. We’ve already seen the likes of biometric boarding gates rolled out across most UK airports, but how are they taking this to the next level?

What new developments can we expect to see?

  • New ways to ID

A new concept on the horizon is the KTDI (Known Traveller Digital Identity) programme currently in testing phases. Trial groups include airlines and airports such as Schiphol and KLM with the aim of streamlining passenger flow and cross-border security.

It’s a really interesting concept which could eliminate the need for boarding or immigration checks; essentially a digital identity is created and then shared between airports, marking you as a ‘known traveller’. It will be interesting to see which governments participate and how it supports an increasing number of passengers.

  • Translation technology

To support with customer communication barriers, airports are beginning to incorporate interpreting software at their high-touch points such as boarding gates. The aim is to improve service levels and ensure that all their passengers can ask and receive what they need.

In January this year, Edinburgh Airport began using Pocketalk in its security area which can translate speech into 74 different languages, either through the speaker or displaying the translation on screen. The technology is being used daily by security teams who currently help with translations and in the near future, it’s planned for all of Edinburgh Airport’s customer-facing teams.

New York’s JFK Airport has also introduced similar technology partnering with Google to offer its interpreter mode software in the airport’s Terminal 4 to allow for real-time translation.

3. Virtual and augmented reality

From a concept envisioned in futuristic films to now being a reality we can use on our phones – VR and AR have the power to immerse you in 3D worlds right before your eyes.

  • Virtual reality

Ever wish you could tour a luxury hotel from the comfort of your home before jetting off?

Here’s your chance! Take a look at Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts showcasing their properties around the world allowing potential guests to imagine they’re already soaking up the sun.

According to Adobe Digital Insights, “At least eight of the largest hotels have tested some kind of VR experience.” And, this trend is expected to grow in popularity in the future with brands looking to enhance guests’ experiences in every way they can.

  • Augmented reality

Never be late for a meeting in an unfamiliar location again with Google’s AR walking directions feature on iOS and Android giving us the joy of real-time navigation. Users can hold up their phone to experience live-view directions, giving them confidence that they’re headed the right way and helping them save time whilst on the move.

We spend enough time looking down at our phones – now it’s time to look up and take in the surroundings. After all – isn’t that what travelling is all about?

With technology constantly changing, we’re excited to see how these trends unfold in the travel industry. In the meantime, our travel consultants are always on hand for expert advice and booking know-how – simplifying travel and finding the most convenient spots so you can be… exactly where you need to be!

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