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by Traveleads | March 20, 2020 | Latest News

While much of the nation will be adhering to the government’s advice to work from home where possible, we know it can come with its own challenges, whether it’s avoiding distractions, staying motivated or maintaining social interaction – particularly when we’re being told to social distance.

For some, working from home will already be the norm, whereas others may feel they’ve had their routine ripped away from them, so to help make life a little easier, we’ve highlighted our top tips for working remotely below.

As our sales team all work remotely, who better to ask for some advice on staying productive and keeping well while we’re all spending a little more time at home?

Sally Cassidy – Group Sales Director – Workspaces and morning ritualsTraveleads Sally Cassidy - top tips for working remotely

My biggest tip would be to create a defined workspace. While this can’t be a separate home office for everyone, building a welcoming space and ensuring you have everything around you that you’ll need, makes for a productive day.

While working from home, it can be easy to zone into emails and tasks immediately, perhaps even while the coffee’s still brewing, but this doesn’t necessarily set you up for the day properly.

I like to complete a few morning rituals which get me in the right headspace for tackling targets and strategic planning, including fifteen minutes spent reading a mindset or business book, a morning workout (accompanied by some loud music!), a healthy breakfast and wearing makeup as it gets me in a ‘work mindset’ – plus I never know when there’s going to be a video call or someone at the door!

A great book to read to help kickstart a new morning routine is My Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod – packed full of tips you can action before 8am.

Richard Bruce – Area Sales Manager (Scotland) – Staying connectedTraveleads Richard Bruce - top tips for working remotely

Planning is pivotal – before I finish my day, I put a full plan together for the following day which can include everything from how many calls I’m planning to make or how much admin I want to get through.

I also ensure I plan in time to spend on LinkedIn. It’s great for networking purposes, but in these times where more of us will be remote working and perhaps feeling isolated, it’s a great platform to stay connected and engaged with the wider business community.

We regularly stay in touch as a team as well, whether that’s a quick video conference call or messages to one another to share successes or ask advice.

Gal Leslie – Area Sales Manager (North West England) – Keeping fitTraveleads Gal Leslie - top tips for working remotely

My top tip for a successful working from home routine is to include exercise; it’s likely you’re spending most of your day sat at a desk, which isn’t great for your posture at the best of times.

I follow an online programme – there are lots available, or plenty of free apps and videos on YouTube too – which means I can complete workouts in the comfort of my own home (or hotel if I’m working away) and I don’t need to be sharing or queuing for any gym equipment.

I try and incorporate 30 minutes of exercise into my working day, whether that’s a HIIT routine or a shorter burst followed by dynamic stretching and I’ll either start or end my working day with a 45-minute walk – of course, while practising physical distancing in the current climate. It’s still important to get moving and take in some fresh air, particularly if we’re working remotely and not able to travel elsewhere at the moment.

David Quinn – Area Sales Manager (Wales) – Preparation is key

Traveleads David Quinn

Structure and balance help form the perfect working from home routine for me. My daily plan always includes a list of tasks alongside some personal targets I want to achieve throughout the day. The latter especially helps keep me motivated as I know what I’m working towards each day.

One of my recommendations would be to try and prepare breakfast and lunch the night before to save time throughout the working day. After a morning run to properly wake up, I get dressed in business attire as it puts me in the right frame of mind as I tackle my to do list.

Throughout the day, I try and work in two-hour slots with a 5-10 minute break between each session. This helps keep my mind feeling fresh and I often use the breaks to check in with colleagues via a video call (or a quick look at the football scores) plus I make sure to take 30 minutes lunch away from my desk.

From staying active to keeping connected, there’s lots we can all do to ensure we have productive days while working remotely from home. If you have any tips you’d like to share, we’d love to hear them over on our LinkedIn page.

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