What can travellers expect at the airport?

by Traveleads | August 4, 2020 | In The Air Latest News

It’s a given that business travel will look a little different in the near future – whether that means policies with pre-trip approvals or ensuring all journeys are booked by your trusted travel management partner, for added duty of care. But, what kind of experience can travellers expect in airports?

We know our partners may be curious to see how airports are adhering to new health and safety requirements. Prior to the pandemic, Heathrow Airport saw almost 220k passengers depart and arrive daily so naturally, has taken a number of measures to ensure the continued safety of passengers and its colleagues as travel begins to pick up.

As with nearly all indoor spaces, those travelling through airports should wear face masks and adhere to the 2m (or 1m plus) social distancing rules, but what else can we expect from one of the UK’s busiest airports?

What you need to know

To help maintain a high level of safety standards, Heathrow has increased its deep cleaning regime and introduced UV technology to help highlight contaminated areas, aiming to be as clean as hospital standard.

Using impressive UV cleaning robots and rays, viruses and bacteria will be killed overnight while UV handrail technology has been fitted to escalators to enable continuous disinfection. To support long-term protection from Covid-19, Heathrow has also introduced self-cleaning anti-viral wraps to security trays, lift buttons and trolley and door handles for added cleanliness.

Other touch points, such as seating, are regularly wiped down and body temperature screening with the use of thermal cameras, is being trialled in Terminals 2 and 5 as a further safety measure.

Helpful reminders have also been placed around the airport to encourage social distancing and to guide passengers through the airport seamlessly, while protective screens have been introduced to service and check in desks, providing an additional barrier between passengers and employees.

What you need to do

You’ll need to arrive at the airport wearing your own face mask (though a limited number can be provided if needed), but be prepared to remove it for security checks when asked; it’s worth keeping hand sanitiser in your hand luggage for this reason, so you’re only touching your face covering with clean hands.

However, the airport has handily provided 600 hand sanitising stations throughout and they can be easily found on these maps – ideal for when hand washing isn’t feasible.

Heathrow is still committed to providing its passengers with a seamless journey and the renowned service they’ve come to expect.

Like many airports across the globe, it is encouraging the use of its app and airline apps where possible to book parking, check in, pre-order food and drink and even pre-purchase products, while still making the most of the deals available.

Further to contact-free orders, passengers can also make use of touchless water stations to fill up their reusable water bottles throughout the airport, ensuring comfort and sustainability are still key priorities, while all shops and restaurants also accept contactless payment.

Like all of those in the travel industry, Heathrow Airport is clearly committed to creating safe experiences for both passengers and its colleagues while ensuring that the services and amenities it’s known for are still accessible, so that travellers can continue to fly with confidence.


Image courtesy of Heathrow Airport.

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