Airfares remain the most common cause of overspend for many organisations.  Contrary to popular belief online comparison sites cannot always find you the lowest fares.  These search engines can only compare internet prices – net fares, negotiated rates and other exclusive travel industry discounts are not available online.

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With access to net rates and specially negotiated airfares, Traveleads offers you a world of savings

The smart way to book flights

When you book your flights through Traveleads you don’t just benefit from fantastic cost savings, you also get access to our traveller tracking service, crucial in emergency situations.

We will ensure all of your flights connect properly and are fully protected.

Our technology lets us remind you if your passport is due to expire and alerts us when travel visas are required – we can even help with the visa application process.  Should your meeting be cancelled, or your plans change last minute, we are on hand to make any amendments and process applicable refunds.  When you book your flights in conjunction with ground arrangements we can notify the relevant people should your flight be delayed or cancelled.

Our Process

Our huge buying power allows us to contract exclusive discounts with major airlines – net fares and other travel industry savings.  We then pass these savings on to our customers.  We offer the best available fares on all airlines, in all cabins.  On average our clients save 25% when booking their long haul travel with Traveleads.  Our software automatically enters frequent flyer membership details into all relevant bookings, ensuring you never miss out on airline rewards.  We also ensure companies registered in corporate loyalty programmes never miss out either.  Find out how your business could take advantage of complimentary flights and free upgrades by contacting us.

Working in partnership with

With access to net fares in all cabins, upgrading might cost less than you think!

Managed Travel Service

Our airfare specialists know exactly how to combine the lowest fares on any given route to offer you the most cost effective way to fly.  Whether you need a one-way ticket, a multi-stop itinerary or a round the world fare, our teams are on hand to get you where you need to be – as directly and as cost effectively as possible. We will also be able to provide you with a wider choice of connection options in the event of direct flights being unavailable.

Key Benefits

By taking advantage of a managed travel service, not only do you benefit from the lowest priced travel products and the expert guidance of our travel consultants, you also maintain control over various hidden costs, including: time spent searching for travel solutions – reconciling charges and expenses – increasing credit card limits – dealing with out of hours and emergency situations – last minute changes ..and more.

Self-booking Service

We recommend our self booking service for simple point to point European and short-haul flights. For long-haul, indirect or multi-stop trips nothing beats the expertise of an experienced consultant.  Our self booking service allows you to retain control of your travel procurement, providing a complete range of travel products, available whenever you are.  Our state-of-the-art technology gives you immediate access to all past and present bookings, offering an instant and complete overview of all your travel.

Key Benefits

Book all of your travel via our self-book tool and access net fares and travel industry discounted rates.  At the same time, you can securely store your traveller profiles, obtain full visibility of your travel spend and order reports and statements on demand.  Our implementation process is overseen by our on-boarding team and includes comprehensive support and training.

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