Traveller Tracking

EMERGENCY – now what?

In the event of a national or international emergency would your company know what to do?  Legal duty-of-care requirements say that it should.  Even the most politically stable regions are not exempt from natural disasters or industrial action.  Traveleads has invested in the latest state of the art traveller tracking technology – not to be confused with spyware, we’re not watching you or recording your every move.  Our systems have been designed to provide up to the minute information about who is where and when.  In the event of an emergency we can tell you exactly who may be affected, and identify those en-route to (or from) any specific location.  If you are unable to contact your people we have technology that can send push notifications to their mobile devices.  For more information on our traveller tracking technology, or to arrange a demonstration of our technology in action, please contact us.

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