Traveller Tracking

When you need to know where all of  your people are – our traveller tracking technology provides additional peace of mind.

The easiest way to keep track of where your people are!

EMERGENCY …now what?

In the event of an international emergency or major event happening would you be able to account for the whereabouts of all your people?  Even the most politically stable regions are not exempt from natural disasters, terrorist attacks or industrial action.  There may be an emergency closer to home, a family emergency that you need to communicate – is your organisation able to identify the location of every traveller?  Do you have someone responsible for keeping track of everyone? What if something happens to that person?  Traveleads can provide you with up to date information on where all of your people are – with over 50 years of successful travel management under our belt, we’ve helped travellers reach even the most remote parts of the planet …and we’ve never lost track of a single one of them!

Traveller tracking will identify:

  • Who has travelled, and where they are
  • Who is en-route or in transit
  • Who is due to travel

How do we do it?

Traveleads has invested in the latest state of the art traveller tracking technology – not to be confused with spyware, we’re not watching you or recording your every move.  Our systems have been designed to provide up to the minute information about who is where and when.  Knowing where your people are in a crisis is vital, as is the ability to reach out to them and establish communications.  In the event of an emergency we can tell you exactly who may be affected, and identify those en-route to (or from) any specific location.  If you are unable to contact your people we have technology that can send push notifications to their mobile devices.  For more information on our traveller tracking technology, or to arrange a demonstration of our technology in action, please contact us.

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