Women Travellers Information

Research indicates that around 40% of UK business travellers are women, and we would like to share some links which are specifically aimed at providing additional information and resources for women travellers jetting around the globe.

We give consideration to things like hotel location when booking for women travelling alone, and actively seek feedback on hotels which provide a good service to women travellers – so please let us have your thoughts via our feedback form.

Here are some interesting websites which offer tips and recommendations to their readers, and we’re always pleased to get suggestions for other sites you think we could feature:

Maiden Voyage – a really good, UK-based resource for women business travellers, with a strong focus on corporate travel topics – we highly recommend it:
Various hotel chains have initiatives for women travellers, designed to enhance security and comfort in the hotel, and we are always happy to ensure that we request rooms which are not on the ground floor, are not far from lifts/away from fire exit doors and to check what dining facilities are provided in-house for solo travellers – please chat to your consultant if you have any specific questions and we’ll do our best to ensure all the t’s are crossed and the i’s dotted!
The Maiden Voyage website lists several UK hotels and 26 international hotels on their “approved” list which we recommend as being worthy of consideration and don’t forget that Traveleadshas access to thousands of discounted rates for corporate travellers at these and similar hotels, so always remember to ask us to check pricing for you:

There’s also a Canadian website which has a lot of interesting travel articles, although its not specifically business travel related:

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