To use the Traveleads app for the first time – setting up your account

The Traveleads app is available from the Apple Store or Google Play, and works on both IOS and Android telephones.

 1. Download the app from your provider
 2. Open the app

On the first screen
 3. If you are a new user, simply click on the “Register” button

On the next screen
 4. Enter first name
 5. Enter surname
 6. Enter the email address that you will be using to receive confirmations from Traveleads
 7. Enter your mobile number using +44 followed by your number without the zero (no spaces)*
 8. Create a password at least 6 characters long which must contain a number
 9. Click “Register”
 10. You will then receive an email from us to complete your registration – please click on the link in the email and your app will be activated


If your smartphone asks you to allow us to send you notifications or messages, please give permission as this will enable push notifications to be sent in case of any flight disruption notified to us by the airlines.   

Depending on how you have the permissions set on your smartphone, during the course of using the app you may be also asked to give permissions to with regard to your location, as this will enable the app to provide more detailed content information relevant to your itinerary.   Similarly, giving permission to access yours calendar will allow data to be moved into your calendar and allowing access to your contacts will enable you to share itinerary information if you wish to do so.

*If your mobile phone is registered to another international dialling code, rather than +44 for the UK, please use the appropriate two digit code for your country.

Please note that the app is not currently available for Blackberry or Windows smartphones.


If you have any problems or questions, we are here to help.  Please contact your account manager or email us at

Traveleads – Corporate clients Leeds      0113 245 7745    Alison Carpenter
Traveleads – Edinburgh clients        0131 718 4000    Maggie Monteith
Traveleads – Sports clients            0113 242 2202    Eric Edwards